Careers MOT

We have developed some forms which can be used to help you with your career planning during F1 and F2.

Section A of the F1 form should be filled out in advance of meeting with your Educational Supervisor and Section B should be completed with your Educational Supervisor at the end of the meeting.

The F2 form will be helpful when it comes to reviewing your options in depth.

You can access the forms in the ‘Reflection’ tab once signed into the e-Portfolio website.

Even if you have made your post-foundation career decisions it is useful to go through this process, because you will have to give specific thought to ways in which you are suited to your chosen specialty.  The more thought you give the process, the stronger your applications and interviews will be.

Neither form is intended to replace discussion with your educational supervisor, only to supplement it.  It will also help your supervisor structure the career planning session so that you get the most out of it.