Careers Support Training Workshops

This practical half-day workshop has been designed to improve the quality of career support that is delivered to trainees.


The workshop will involve:
  • An introduction to the generic 4 stage model of career planning
  • Exploring ways of applying this generic model to the specific context of helping foundation & specialty trainees with their career decision making
  • Providing an overall framework for the career planning process
  • Outlining basic career counselling skills that can be used in discussions with individuals or groups of trainees
  • Linking career support needs with the overall educational goals of foundation & specialty curricula
  • Suggesting ways to incorporate career planning sessions into curricula
Who Should Apply
  • Directors of Medical Education
  • Clinical Tutors
  • Educational Supervisors
  • Faculty Career Leads
Workshop Content
  • Roles in the provision of career support
    • Key Skills
    • Embedding career support in the programme
  • Introduction to the 4 stage career planning framework
    • Stage 1: Self-Assessment
    • Stage 2: Career Exploration
    • Stage 3: Decision Making
    • Stage 4: Plan Implementation
  • Importance of consultant and trainee having shared career planning framework
  • Case-Studies: trainees struggling with Decision Making
  • Identifying trainees who may need additional career support
    • Supporting educational supervisors

Training Workshops:

A half day workshop that is run in Trusts throughout the HEE KSS region and is aimed at supporting educational supervisors, faculty career leads and clinical tutors. Workshops are also CPD accredited (4 points available).

Workstream Lead:

Lisa Stone is the HEE KSS leader on this workstream.

Forthcoming Dates and Times

We will be running the 2017 Careers Support Training Workshops (CSTWs), starting in January, led by one of our Senior Careers Advisers.

The workshops are available on these 5 dates:

  • Friday 13th January – the workshop will be held at Canterbury
  • Thursday 16th February – the workshop will be held at Guildford
  • Thursday 9th March – the workshop will be held at Medway
  • Wednesday 26th April – the workshop will be held at Haywards Heath
  • Wednesday 10th May – the workshop will be held at Bexhill-on-Sea
  • Tuesday 6th June – the workshop will be held at Chichester

The workshops last four hours and are generally held between 9am – 1pm, although we can accommodate afternoon sessions. Four CPD points will be awarded for the sessions. The workshop will be held at local NHS Trusts.

The online web-form for registering consultants is now open for each Trust. Please click here: Careers Support Training Workshop – Booking Forms.

Further Information

For further information, please contact the Careers Information Officer.