Careers Champions

Careers Champions scheme

The Careers Champions scheme (also known as Specialty Champions scheme) is designed to put foundation doctors in touch with more senior colleagues at their Trust who are willing to discuss careers questions informally.

What is a Careers Champion?

Careers Champions are doctors at ST/CT1 – 8, or consultants, who have an interest in providing careers advice and guidance.  They can volunteer from any specialty, and will be able to provide real-life, on-the-ground information about their specialty to interested foundation doctors.  They may also set up events in the trust to publicise their specialties.

Careers Champions draw on their own career experiences and expertise to provide valuable insight for those of you planning your next steps.  Champions can guide and advise you on your choices beyond F2, and will provide an accurate context within which to base their career decisions.

For further information on the Careers Champion scheme please click here. Although details of the Careers Champions scheme are hosted on the STFS website, the scheme can also be used by specialty trainees in KSS. A list of registered Careers Champions in 2017-18 is available to download here.

Become a Careers Champion

If you are interested in becoming a Careers Champion you can find out more information here. This link provides guidance on the scheme, the role of a careers champion and how to become involved, including registering for the scheme here.

Careers Champions Webinar Recording

Aim: To give careers champions an understanding of how to give effective guidance for supporting junior trainees in their career choices.

Learning outcomes:

By viewing this recording careers champions will be able to:

  • Describe a generic four-stage model of career planning.
  • Identify how to build rapport in an online environment.
  • Feel confident answering the types of questions trainees may ask.
  • Demonstrate how to manage the expectations and boundaries.
  • Learn about the do’s and don’ts about giving advice.

The webinar was held on 16th June 2016. Click on the video below to watch the webinar recording.

Questions and comments

If you have any questions or comments about the scheme, please e-mail