• On the online e-Portfolio ensure all details on your profile are correct, in particular your email address and GMC number. The website can be found on: https://training.rcpsych.ac.uk/.
  • Please ensure all Panel Members (such as the TPD, Programme Lead and Head of School) have access to your e-portfolio.
  • For every post you should have a minimum of 2 appraisals with your clinical supervisor, beginning and end of post, with a further mid-term appraisal being desirable.
  • Each competency sign off by your educational (and likely to be clinical) supervisor must be supported by evidence. Therefore you want to ensure your ePortfolio is packed full of evidence and reflects your clinical and other activities.
  • This evidence will come from workplace-based assessments (WPBA), log entries, audit, teaching attendance, other educational events, your own teaching, conferences, research etc. In addition, you should complete the self-assessment for each competency and support your comments with evidence that you feel is relevant to support any sign off.
  • You must ensure you do enough WPBAs – there are minimum requirements for each ARCP stage but we would advise to do more.
  • You should ensure your WPBAs are done by the most senior doctor, preferably a consultant, or associate specialist.
  • You must have your assessments done by a variety of people.
  • The MSF is very important and one of the most informative tools; you must ensure at least 12 respondents for this to be meaningful, ideally 20; at least 4 of the respondents should be consultants. Please ensure the person completing the MSF understands what they are doing – saying yes to probity issues by being careless in completion can have major implications.
  • You should keep a record of your teaching attendance. The educational and teaching attendance log should name the teaching session, who it was delivered by and three main things you have learnt. This applies to all teaching sessions but also other educational activity such as on-line learning.
  • You should record any absences from work on your ePortfolio – this will be cross-referenced with medical staffing records. This is further mandated by your sign off of your probity and health declarations. Therefore every time you are absent for reasons of sickness/compassionate leave etc. you must ensure medical staffing are informed for their records.
  • You should ensure you have a PDP discussed with your educational supervisor, regularly updated and added to for changing needs.
  • Audit is important, audit activity needs to be demonstrated, most importantly evidence of completion of an audit cycle yearly.
  • Remember to use the online ePortfolio to demonstrate areas of excellence – quality evidence and quality documentation is important.
  • The annual GMC survey is mandatory and you will need to provide evidence that you have completed this.
  • Currently MRCPsych membership is required by the end of CT3 therefore it is strongly advised you get on with this. You should try to have achieved Paper 1 or 2 by the end of CT1, preferably both by the end of CT2. You should then complete Paper 3 and CASC by the end of CT3. Also having membership prior to your ST4 applications will also put you in a much stronger position.
  • All documentation for the ARCP or Interim Review must be uploaded to the trainees’ ePortfolio so that it can be viewed by panellists 7-10 days before the day of the ARCP.

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