CMT Training Days

Please see the Teaching & Learning front page for important information regarding bookings, attendance etc.

HEKSS School of Medicine delivers seven Core Regional Training Days (RTD) per annum. RTDs are an adjunct to practical experience, serving to clarify and illuminate the links between theory and practice, whilst stimulating further learning. All RTDs cover a different area of the Core curriculum.

It is mandatory to attend a minimum of 60% of the RTDs. Attendance rates feed into the annual ARCP. If a trainee does not comply with the minimum attendance percentage, a satisfactory outcome will not be awarded. You are encouraged to book study leave as soon as you receive notice that the booking site is open. Your Medical Education Management team will need to be informed at least 6 weeks in advance that you will be on a training day.

Please note: Strike days (or any other day which you have sent valid apologies for, as listed on the Teaching & Learning  front page ) will be removed from the figures when calculating your percentage attendance for the year.


These will only be issued at the time of ARCP and will list all events attended in the training year. We do not issue individual certificates.

Regional Training Days

The School of Medicine will be advertising all CMT Training Days via Eventbrite and the booking links will be available on this page. Look out for e-mails from us announcing the opening of registration.

Register your attendance by obtaining a ticket on the Eventbrite site. This will generate a notice to the School of Medicine that you have booked a place.

NB: Only those with a reservation ticket from Eventbrite will be admitted to the training day. This is to avoid unnecessary delays in the signing in process; and to avoid overcrowding in the lecture hall, which would contravene the venue’s Health & Safety regulations.

Registration closes one week before the session date and the link will be removed from the list below. This is to allow for preparation of the attendance registers, and final confirmation of set-up requirements and catering arrangements with the venue.

NB: – Due to capacity and rotational issues, the same programme will be run at two different sites and dates in March, July and November 2016. You only need to attend one of those sessions as exactly the same topics will be covered.

Please click on the venue names below to register for an event:


18 September 2015 Brighton & Sussex University Hospitals

28 October 2015 Conquest Hospital

09 December 2015 Tunbridge Wells Hospital

15 January 2016 Kent & Canterbury Hospital

10 March 2016 Frimley Park (Dermatology / GUM / Radiology) ***CANCELLED***

16 March 2016 Medway Maritime Hospital (Dermatology / GUM / Radiology)

11 May 2016 BSUH Clair Hall, Haywards Heath (Neurology & Annual Awards Day)

13 July 2016 Darent Valley Hospital (Respiratory / Cardiology)

20 July 2016 Eastbourne District General Hospital (Respiratory / Cardiology)


28 September 2016 St Richard’s Hospital (Palliative Care / Geriatrics / Stroke)

17 November 2016 (date subject to change) Kent & Canterbury Hospital (Acute Medicine / Gastroenterology (Hepatology)

23 November 2016 East Surrey Hospital  (Acute Medicine / Gastroenterology (Hepatology)

14 December 2016 Maidstone Hospital (ITU / Endocrinology and Diabetes)

CMT Practical Procedures & Practical Skills Courses

These are held on Saturdays at Darent Valley Hospital and organised by the Medical Education Department. Please click on the appropriate headline below to download the programme and application form, and follow the instructions to register.

CMT Practical Skills 2016

      • 16 January 2016
      • 06 February 2016
      • 05 March 2016

CMT Practical Procedures 2016

      • 01 October 2016
      • 05 November 2016

CMT Practical Skills 2017

      • 14 January 2017
      • 11 February 2017
      • 11 March 2017

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