PLEAT Programme (Paediatric Learning Education and Training Programme)

The KSS School of Paediatrics has planned an education and training programme for trainees within Health Education Kent, Surrey and Sussex.

As there are 12 acute trusts within KSS Deanery the school plans to run training days on a monthly basis so each trust will deliver one training day over 2015/ 2016.

NOTE: The registration fee is not applicable to KSS trainees.  All other attendees must pay £25.00, all cheques must be made payable to; HEKSS, or you can make a payment over the telephone.

ST1 to ST3 trainees are expected to attend a minimum of 12 PLEAT days over a 3 year cycle (attendance should be spread over the 3 years and not left until the ST3 year).

ST4 to ST5 trainees are expected to attend a minimum of 5 Senior PLEAT or RSM days over a 2 year period (Level 2).

ST6 trainees are expected to attend a minimum of 1 Senior PLEAT or RSM day during their ST6 year.


Date Topic Location
 13th October 2016

Childhood Epilepsy Study Day 

Neville Childhood Epilepsy Centre



PLEAT day 18_12_15 East Surrey Hospital

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A Practical Approach to Childhood Epilepsy_programme 2015

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