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Good Practice Examples – Trainee Perspectives

The following are trainee representatives perspectives of their LTFT Training good practice experiences;

GP Perspective – Dr. Emily Williams, GPST2

In August 2011 funding for supernumerary posts was withdrawn and therefore trainees were required to move into slot share or reduced session posts.  In the run up to this date there was a great deal of anxiety faced by trainees in identifying jobs and partners available. In my hospital I was very fortunate that there was one other colleague available to slot share but there was some difficulty in identifying a vacant post.  Close to the time a rheumatology job became vacant and I had a very positive experience of working in a slot share. I worked at 60% and my partner at 80% therefore we overlapped 2 days a week providing valuable support in a busy job.  Sharing the on call Rota meant increased ward cover during on call days.  Despite the feeling that sometimes continuity of care is lost during days off this is also experienced when working full time due to the on call shift patterns.  Clear hand over and good communication between members of our team ensured effective team work and that patient care did not become compromised.

I have found that being a mother has strengthened my ability to empathise with other mothers during obstetrics and communicate with parents and children in my Paediatrics post.  The first-hand experience I have gained as a mother has been invaluable working in general practice.  I feel very fortunate to have been able to achieve a great work life balance.