Trainee Forum


KSS Deanery has recently appointed LTFT Trainee Representatives across Foundation, GP and core and higher Specialty.  They are currently working towards a network/ forum for LTFT Trainees.  Please read the message below which is from your representatives about their ideas and aims for the forum.

A message from your Trainee Representatives:

“We would like to create a network/forum through which all LTFT trainees, and those thinking of becoming LFTT trainees, can come together to facilitative the following aims:

1) To put LTFT trainees in contact with one another to help create slot sharing opportunities and help with career planning

2) To put LTFT trainees at different stages of the training process in contact with one another to share advice and provide mentorship

3) To provide a forum to share experiences and/or difficulties experienced by LTFT trainees

4) To appoint LTFT trainee representatives at different levels to represent and feedback the views and agendas of LTFT to the foundation school, the deanery and NHS Trusts

5) To work towards making LTFT an accessible, easily achievable and a mutually beneficial experiences for trainees and employers alike

6) To combat cultural/institutional prejudices and barriers to LTFT”

Please click on the following links to read about your Trainee Reps and how to Become a Forum Member.