Trainee Representative Notices

Trainee Representative (Rep) induction and forum dates

The Trainee Rep induction training days will be organised three times a year by the HEKSS Specialty Support Team.

Please ensure that you attend the induction session if you have not already been trained. We will equip you with information regarding the structure of HEKSS, the roles of trainee reps at LFGs, STCs and at LEP visits.

Trainee rep or trainee voice conference

The Inaugural Trainee Representatives Conference was held in 2013. The Conference was planned and organised by a committee of Trainee reps and facilitated by HEKSS. The conference was an excellent opportunity to celebrate how Trainee representation has made a difference in improving the quality of Medical Education and Patient Care in KSS. The conference provided a forum for the presentation of posters and discussion on trainee voice in the advancement of medical education and patient safety/care. Please check the website again for more information or contact us if you wish to join the organisation committee for the next event in February 2016.

Please register your attendance to any of your events via our Trainee Representative Event Registration page

Trainee voice survey

Trainee Voice survey is essential for the internal quality control of the specialty training programmes.  As per your feedback, the next Trainee Voice survey will address issues specific to specialties and Trainee reps are strongly encouraged assist in ensuring high uptake of this. We will shortly be recruiting trainee reps to an executive committee responsible for design of the next survey. If you are interested, please contact us on the email below

Trainee rep role in mentoring scheme

Induction of new trainees to specialty schools is a good opportunity to introduce your selves and advertise the Peer Trainee Mentoring Scheme. Please contact your TPDs in advance to find out the dates.

BMJ Careers Fair

HEKSS is proud of winning the award for best stall for three consecutive years and hope to have good trainee representation this year too.


Next Trainee Rep Conference to be scheduled for a date in February 2016.

Call for full trainee representation on medical education bodies. For further details please follow this link

Trainee Representative Recruitment

2015 LTFT Trainee Representative Application Form

Trainee Representative Recruitment

Database – upload details During the last Trainee Forum meeting it became evident that we do not have a complete database of trainee rep details. We have now developed this electronic database to enable trainee reps to email their details such as contact email, level of representation (LFG/STC), level, specialty and Trust to .  We may access these details to invite you for deanery events or to participate in LEP visits.