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Further Trainee Support Services

KSS External and Internal Sources of Support – Ed‘, this is a document details places where KSS trainees can go to seek further support in their training.

Trainee Support Guide

This guide on trainees in difficulty (TiD) applies to doctors, (including primary and secondary care), pharmacists and pharmacy technicians and dentists in training and managed by HEKSS. It should be read in conjunction with your own local education provider (LEP) policies.

 (Shared Services London’s TiD procedures apply to trainees in KSS trusts if they are on London managed programmes.)

The guidance is for those working with doctors in training, such as educational supervisors, education managers, and directors of medical education (DMEs) and clinical tutors, clinical managers, clinical supervisors, directors of human resources (HR), medical education managers (MEMs) and medical staffing managers, as well as trainees themselves.

This guide advises on the management of doctors, dentists, pharmacists and pharmacy technicians in HEKSS training posts, provides links to relevant resources and details of relevant national and local policy and information; covers both trainees in difficulty and those with additional needs and/or in need of support; offers trainees support and guidance.


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