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When do we receive information on the Trainees who will be rotating to our Trust?
HEKSS adopted a standard centralised process to transfer information regarding all specialty trainees to trusts. We will provide details of expected trainees a minimum of 12 weeks prior to the trainees start date. Trust would also be able to pull a report off Intrepid for this information after the 12 weeks deadline. Please click here for the Transfer of Information guidance (TOI).

Do we receive information for London Trainees also?
Yes – This information would be included in the TOI that is sent to you. Once you run a report off Intrepid the Trainees who are managed by London would also be pulled off in your report.
N.B – Please note that this information and all changes comes from London and not HEKSS.

How do we get administrative staff intrepid access?
Each Trust can purchase Intrepid Licenses from HICOM. If you wish to change the access from one member of staff to another then you can email this request to You can also get in touch with us if you encounter any intrepid login issues.

Would there be any training for staff that will be new to Intrepid?
Yes – Specialty Support have now launched a monthly intrepid training sessions via WebEx which staff are free to attend. If you cannot make a particular date and you urgently need the training (e.g. to pull report from intrepid for the 12 weeks TOI) then please email and we would do an on demand session with reasonable notice.
N.B – Please note that we are currently working on a pre-recorded Intrepid Training Session which will be sent to you shortly and this session can be viewed at your convenience.

Who is responsible for updating Intrepid? Trust or the Specialty Schools Team?
Click here for the Transfer of Information guidance (Pages 6-9) which has details of the responsibilities for Trust MSM/MEM, Specialty Support Function and Specialty School.

Now that there is a specialty support function does this mean we stop liaising with the specialty schools team and all queries come to you?
Generic questions can come to specialty support but where a question is specialty specific please send this to the appropriate schools team. Please click here for the specialty schools contacts list.

What If I have a GP, Foundation or Quality Query?
We only deal with Specialty Doctors so for any GP, Foundation and Quality specific queries please view the following links to contact the appropriate member of the team.

Foundation: or email:
GP: or email:
Quality: There are 3 Quality Managers please contact them for any quality queries:
Maggie Patching –
Karen Gibson –
Debbie Georgeson –

How do we ensure that your LTFT records match what we have here at the Trust?
You now have a dedicated Specialty Support advisor who looks after LTFT Trainees for each County and they will liaise with the Medical Education and Staffing contacts regularly to feedback any changes. They will also be sending quarterly reports of all LTFT trainees and their current approval status. You would then be able to review the data and alert your advisor of any discrepancies.

How are college tutors appointed?
College tutors are appointed locally and the Head of School (HoS) or a nominated representative should be part of the interviews for appointment to the role of Local College Tutor at the Trust and the specialty school manager can help you with this.

What is HEKSS current stance regarding Study Leave allowance for all Trainees
All specialty trainees in both core and higher posts should receive £860 per training year (which is within tariff payments).
N.B – Please note that LTFT Trainees also get the full amount.

How do we add a consultant onto Intrepid?
This can be done by emailing Monika Wojtowiec with their details & the trainees you want to link them to and she will add this on for you.

Would we get any training on the new LTFT process and form when it is launched?
Yes – Once the process is signed off we will arrange a WebEx session to go through the new process.

Can Medical Staffing be given copies of the references for Trainees we are expecting for a new starter?
HEKSS now keeps all recruitment files centrally in the ‘ORIEL’ system and the recruitment team collates all documents from recruitment. Trust will be able to access these documents from the system. Guidance on this will be sent to Trust once available from HEE central.

How do we calculate the training time an LTFT Trainee has done?
We have now developed a LTFT Training Time Calculator which helps to calculate the time an LTFT Trainee has spent in training, time left to complete training and total months a trainee needs to complete their training at their current WTE. Please click here to use this calculator.

Where can I find the HEKSS webpage link to update our trust slideshow?
Trust slide show can be found here:

We usually get LTFT Trainees coming back from Maternity Leave mid-way through a rotation. Can we advise them that they need to return on a rotation date? Or should we be accommodating the return date regardless of the point the rotations are at?
This query was passed onto NHS employers and they came back stating that Trust will need to accommodate all LTFT trainees regardless of what point they return on the rotation.


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