Support for Trainees

Support for Trainees

HEE KSS is keen to promote health and well-being for doctors, dentists and pharmacists in training by providing support and guidance in managing any difficulties that arise, whether educational, health-related or emotional.

We appreciate that some of the demands and challenges of training may sometimes feel overwhelming, which is why a range of resources are available. This support is there to ensure that HEE KSS trainees can realise their full potential and deliver excellent care for their patients.

If you require additional support or are facing difficulties in your training then generally you should discuss this with your Educational Supervisor in the first instance. Additional support for you and them is available from Directors of Medical Education and their colleagues as well as from Training Programme Directors and Heads of School. Many trusts also provide a range of services via the Postgraduate Centre or Occupational Health.

In addition to local support, the Practitioner Health Programme (PHP) is commissioned to provide a confidential consultation support service to all HEE KSS-managed trainees. PHP can offer emotional, psychological and practical support for a wide range of issues and problems that are common to trainees and is accessed on a strictly confidential self-referral basis.

Some services are also available through self-referral to the newly formed London and South East Professional Support Unit (PSU).

PSU services for trainees in London and the South East (i.e. London and KSS) include:

For specific queries regarding the PSU, please contact: 


Other information and resources to support trainees can be found below:

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