Referrals to Careers Service

Referrals to CareersTrainee doctors can be referred to the HEKSS careers team. Referrals can be made by the LFG career lead, DME, TPD, educational supervisor, clinical tutor or MEM. Where the referral is for a trainee in difficulty, the head of the relevant HEKSS school should be informed.

She or he will manage what information is passed onto the HEKSS Training Support Group. The HEKSS careers team may need access to some information about the trainee and will liaise with the LFG career lead as required.

How to refer

The referral should take the form of a brief email simply requesting additional careers support from the HEKSS careers team ( with a contact email address for the trainee. It should be sent, in the first instance, to the senior careers adviser and copied to the trainee.

Information about concerns

Where there are wider concerns about the trainee, the referral email should also be copied to the head of school so, where appropriate, the Training Support Group (TSG) can be informed that the careers team have become involved. The senior careers adviser will let the trainee know by email who will be providing the additional career support and their contact details. The trainee will then need to make the necessary arrangements for an initial face to face meeting.

The minimum number of sessions that the trainee will receive from a member of the HEKSS careers team is two – one to have an initial discussion with the trainee and a second follow-up session. If there is a need for additional session(s), the team member will discuss this with the trainee. Subsequent sessions, if needed, may either be face to face or over the telephone depending on practicalities. HEKSS covers a wide geographic area and trainees may not always be able to take time off to meet a career counsellor. The career counsellor needs an appropriate environment to take the calls where s/he will not be disturbed, use a headset and have access to any resources s/he might need. The trainee will also need to be in an environment where they can talk freely and not be disturbed.

Confidentiality of careers discussions

Confidentiality of the careers conversations between a member of the careers team and a trainee will be fully discussed at the first meeting. It will be explained that confidentiality will only be breached if the career counsellor becomes concerned about the trainee’s safety, or about patient safety.

In the rare event that the career counsellor feels it necessary to breach confidentiality and discuss their concerns with the head of school, the trainee would be informed of the career counsellor’s decision before contact is made. Trainees supported by the HEKSS careers team will let the head of school, the Training Support Group and the person in the LEP/practice who referred the trainee know when the agreed sessions have been completed.

Meeting arrangements

The initial meeting usually takes place at HEKSS or an office at Brighton, Guy’s Hospital or St George’s Hospital, Tooting. If further meetings are required these will normally take place over the telephone. Once a careers session or series of sessions has been completed, then the HEKSS careers team will inform the employing trust and, where appropriate, the Trainee Support Group that the sessions have ended. The HEKSS careers team is normally available for career counselling sessions 8am-7pm (Mon – Fri).

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