Training Support Group

Return to TrainingThe Training Support Group is the group that oversees the support of trainees in difficulty and governs the work of the Training Support Service within HEKSS.

What we do

  • Enable the effective support and management of trainees in difficulty and trainees requiring extra support managed by HEKSS (including those within the South Thames Foundation School).
  • Act as the usual decision making body for the management and support of trainees in difficulty managed by HEKSS
  • To provide appropriate consistency and equitable decision making in relation to trainees in difficulty and the provision of training support across all schools in HEKSS.

Who we are

The Training Support Group is chaired by the Head of the Training Support Service (Dr Jan Welch) and includes the following members/representatives:

  • Head of Training Support Service (Chair)
  • Postgraduate Dean Director
  • Representatives of the Specialty, General Practice, Foundation, Dental and Pharmacy schools (including Deans, Heads of School, Trainee Support leads and other appropriate staff)
  • Training Support Service and Revalidation Manager
  • GMC Employer Liaison (every other meeting)
  • Human Resources Representative
  • Careers Team Representative

Terms of Reference

The HEKSS Training Support Group’s terms of reference can be downloaded here:  HEKSS Training Support Group – ToR v 2.1

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